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zerpes: (the zombiepocalypse is coming)

I guess this is what we get.

We did make all those damn zombie jokes.

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This is a self-indulgent zombiepocalypse fic in the works, written by strokeof_genie and timehasa_way. It stars the stars of Supernatural, their friends, and their family. And zombies, lots and lots of zombies.

Along the way, Jared and Jensen will have lots of sex (with each other), Rev. Fred Phelps will proclaim the plague to be the cause of God's hatred of homosexuals (and then he'll be eaten by a zombie or five), Jensen will shoot zombies in the head and Jared, who we've decided has terrible aim, will whack them on the head with Jensen's golf clubs. Then he'll sleep on the couch for the night while Jensen mourns his poor, bent putter.

They'll deal with any zombies that come their way with their family, and they'll support each other. They'll try to continue the "happily ever after" they were working toward even through losing contact with friends and coworkers, the uncanny resilience of the disease that reanimates the dead, and the infection of those close to them.

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avoiding the zombiepocalypse, baseball bats, braining zombies for justice, chad michael murray, cows, dead zombies, family, food, golf clubs, guns, having good aim, jared padalecki, jared smash!, jensen ackles, kittens, puppies, zombiepocalypse, zombies
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