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Title: Zombiepocalypse, chapter 1
Rated: NC17
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sucuri, with hand-holding and serious input and putting up with my failing flailing by [livejournal.com profile] timehasa_way.
Author's Note: The first chapter of the Zombiepocalypse! Long, long, looooong overdue. Uh, sorry I suck. Have some porn and requisite set-up before we thrust you into some sweet, sweet zombease action. We'll probably have a posting schedule sometime soon, but real life is kind of hectic for the both of us. Because of that, we'll pimp this eventually, whenever it's done. We're doing this for fun.


Jensen wakes up several times before he gets out of bed, usually. The first time is when Jared wakes up and uncurls from around him, or from under him, or from however they are arranged. Jared usually can't tell he woke Jensen up unless Jensen whines about it. Jared falls back asleep and so does Jensen, until the alarm on Jared's nightstand goes off.

Jared gets up, leaning over Jensen after he gets dressed to give a kiss goodbye to whatever part of his body that isn't covered up; usually his temple or his cheek, his shoulder or his arm. Once, the sheets were twisted around his stomach and chest, and one of Jensen's legs was uncovered, which led to Jared's lips kissing the inside of Jensen's thigh, and Jensen's hand curled in Jared's hair. Jared was late walking the dogs that day.

The third time Jensen wakes up is when Jared gets home from walking the dogs, and they're loud and rambunctious, and Harley skids over the kitchen tiles to the bowl of water. Jensen usually gets up this time, hurrying up to get out of his boxers and into the shower. He's supposed to set his alarm to get up fifteen or so minutes before Jared gets back to be in or done with the shower, but he hasn't used his alarm since Jared dragged him into his bed and his bedroom to stay.


It's that time of day, when Jensen groggily wakes up just in time to feel the full impact of Jared's hand hitting his ass. "Dude, no spanking," Jensen complains, wiggling away, trying to burrow deeper into the bed.

Jared laughs, and his hand settles on the curve of Jensen's ass, soothing where he slapped. Jensen's dick is getting ideas, but he doesn't feel like getting up yet. Maybe he can get Jared down onto the bed with him. "Get up, we've got to be showered and ready in forty minutes," Jared says, but his hand lingers a little longer.

"If you don't pinch me, I'll get you off in the shower," Jensen mumbles into his pillow, and laughs when Jared's hand moves up his back before leaving his body altogether. It would probably happen anyway, but it gives him leverage if he says it out loud.

"You'd do that anyway," Jared says, and Jensen rolls over and shrugs. They both know it's true. He levers himself up, swinging his legs off the side of the bed. Jared's standing in between them in a flash, leaning down for a closed-mouth kiss. Jensen's smiling when Jared pulls back.

"Let me brush my teeth," Jensen stands after Jared steps back, walking into the bathroom before Jared and standing in front of the sink. There are two sinks, but everything Jensen uses is in the middle of them, and everything Jared uses is everywhere. Jared walks into the bathroom shirtless while Jensen's rinsing his mouth, and Jensen knows he'll have to remind Jared to pick up his laundry from the floor. It's a small price to pay for feeling Jared's bare chest against his back as he crowds Jensen to the sink, Jensen feels.

They make their way to the shower, Jared stripping off his shorts before sliding Jensen's down. Jared's hands are back on Jensen's ass as he bends to get their clothes and drop them in the hamper, making Jensen grin. They don't have time to fuck, and the last time they did it in the shower Jensen came out with a huge bruise on his ass, and Jared was nearly in tears from catching himself on his elbow during the fall. Jared's hands squeeze his ass again, getting him moving.

Jensen guides them into the shower, knowing Jared's hands aren't going to leave his body. He turns on the water and waits off to the side for it to warm up, turning to face Jared and crowd him up against the tiles to make out. Jensen presses close until he can feel warm drops of water on his back, and then he stays a few minutes longer because Jared feels so good.

"We're going to be late," Jensen says eventually, after they move away from the wall and one of them has grabbed the soap, only not a lot of washing has been done. He runs his hand down Jared's stomach, and his fingers, soapy from the moisturizing gel soap Jared insists on buying, curl through Jared's pubic hair and wrap around his dick. He's half-hard and it's not too urgent, not after last night, but when Jensen touches him he gets bigger and fuller.

It's times like these, when Jensen's too tired for bravado or to censor his thoughts, that he'll admit that the first time they'd ever fucked around, Jared's dick had awed Jensen. Jensen's not a small guy, and his dick is proportional. Maybe a little more, since he's a grower. Jared, though, he's a freak. He's not proportional, and you'd think he was a shower, but you'd be wrong. Jensen's grin is lazy as he feels Jared's dick grow in his hand until he's hard. Jensen gives a twist of his wrist and rubs his thumb up the underside of Jared's cock, hard enough to make Jared shudder. "I'll just have to take care of this, speed things up, right?"

Jared gasps Jensen's name, his mouth hot near Jensen's temple. He presses a quick kiss there, and then says, "You promised," before leaning down to kiss him. Jared groans into the kiss, because Jensen's hand is moving quick and smooth around him, letting Jared thrust and fuck his hand while Jensen's tongue fucks his mouth.

Jensen's hard and aching, and he's making plans for after Jared comes. Jared's hands are clenched, one on Jensen's hip, and the other around the back of his head, keeping him in place as they kiss. Neither is in a bad place, but they could be around Jensen's dick, which would be awesome. He grunts into the kiss and thrusts forward, against Jared's hip, desperate for some friction as much as the movement is a reminder of what Jared could be doing for him. Jensen's needy, too.

Jared breaks the kiss to breath, panting against Jensen's cheek, and knocks his hand off his dick. Jensen has to whine, a low noise in the back of his throat, because he loves the weight and heat of Jared in his hand, he likes feeling him come apart just because Jensen's touching him. Jared just moves his hand from Jensen's hip to cup his ass, and thrusts forward, his dick sliding along Jensen's. Jensen puts his mouth to Jared's throat but keeps it closed, because past experiences have taught them that leaving marks on each other's bodies isn't as fun when they have to go through makeup longer for them.

He groans loudly as Jared guides their hips together. Jensen thrusts forward, his dick sliding under Jared's and he gets his hand back down there, wrapping loosely around them to help them off. Jared's arms are wrapped around him now, and Jensen's too hot, the heat in his belly spreading lower. Gasping out Jared's name, Jensen presses his face in Jared's throat and feels Jared come in his hand. Jared holds him tighter, leaning on Jensen as he continues to pump Jared's dick until he's oversensitive and groaning. "Jesus, stop, stop, oh," Jared falls, going onto his knees, and Jensen moans even before Jared takes his dick in hand to guide it into his mouth.

Jensen's hips snap forward before he stops himself, but Jared just grabs him by the hips and ass to pull him in deeper, and Jensen can feel Jared's tongue under the head of his dick, can feel himself sliding deeper. "Oh, fuck, oh God," Jensen says, his hands tangling in Jared's wet hair as he feels the back of Jared's throat against his dick, and fuck. Jared swallows around him, and Jensen's awareness of the water cascading down them, of his thighs shaking under Jared's hands, it all narrows to a fine point coming down to Jared's mouth, his groans around Jensen's dick, and how when he bobs his head Jensen's dick hits the back of his throat.

It's always over so quickly when Jared does this to him. Jensen's hand clench, pulling Jared's hair, and he says, "Jared, man, you've got to get up," and then he stops when Jared pulls him forward again, trying to take him deeper. Jared's big hands move back up and grip his ass, parting him. "God, I'm going to come," Jensen pants out, warning him, because Jared knows his body and knows that pressing his fingertip to Jensen's hole is - Jensen moves his hands down to Jared's shoulders and squeezes, the heat in his belly flowing lower, his balls tightening as Jared pushes a finger into him.

Jensen's on the edge before Jared's finger finds that spot in him, and when Jared presses it, sucking him down and trapping him with his mouth and hands, it pushes Jensen over. Jensen shakes apart, coming down Jared's throat and clenching on his finger, eyes closed so hard his vision isn't black but white.

Jensen is gently pushed to lean against the wall when Jared stands, only to be gathered close again to finish washing up. Jensen is happy to let Jared take over, because he feels kind of like a zombie, stumbling and shuffling and uncoordinated. Jared's grinning against the side of his face, and Jensen turns his head for a sloppy kiss, tasting himself and water and maybe a little soap. The water's cooling on them and Jared's guiding a soapy hand down his back to, once again, rest on his ass. "Mmm," Jared says into the kiss, and Jensen would nod, but he's too comfortable leaning against Jared and kissing him to move too much.


Jensen gets his coffee ten or so minutes later. He's dressed except for his shoes, and wanders into the kitchen, absentmindedly petting the dogs as he pours most of the pot into a to-go cup for himself. The rest, with some creamer, goes into one for Jared. He doesn't even attempt to add the sugar, because he won't get it right. His own coffee is black, and he takes a grateful gulp of it.

He's got his shoes on and a third of his coffee is gone when Jared wanders out of the bedroom. His hair is mostly dry from a towel, and he's dressed too, shoes and all. He's frowning down at his phone, which reminds Jensen that his is still on his nightstand. He looks at the clock on the microwave and hurriedly sets his coffee down, not quite running to get his phone. The car will be here for them any minute now.

"Did you add the sugar?" Jared asks, calling out after him. His voice is a little rough, a little phlegm-y, like he might be coming down with something.

Jensen smirks, because he knows the truth. "No, just the creamer," Jensen yells back, grabbing his phone. He finds a few missed calls, but none of them urgent. No messages left, and people know that if they actually want a promptly returned call, they have to leave him a message. It's not that he's too busy to return the calls, it's just that he hates the phone. He likes having time to himself, and the invention of the cell phone made getting a hold of him too damn convenient for his tastes.

He walks back into the kitchen for his coffee and hears Jared swearing. "This fucking," he growls, and Jensen tries not to laugh at him too obviously. "They lined this paper bag with, like, industrial strength plastic or something! Are you kidding me?" Jared asks, to no one in particular. He sets the new bag of sugar on the counter for leverage, and tries to pull open the top.

"So," Jensen says, and then pauses. "How much do you bench again?" Jared glares at him, and for a moment Jensen thinks he should duck flying bags of sugar. He's glad he already got a blowjob this morning, and that the bag's not open to make a mess when it goes whizzing over his head.

"Shut up," Jared says, and adjusts his grip so that his fists are seizing both sides of the bag to rip it open. Jensen leans against the counter and watches in fascination as the bag refuses to open. He thinks that the plastic inside the paper is actually stretching instead of just ripping apart like it normally does.

It'd be more weird if this sort of thing didn't happen to Jared all the time, but a few days ago it was the ketchup packets at lunch, and before that it was their new bag of coffee, which was it a mostly aluminum bag. Jared's talent for failing at this sort of thing astounds Jensen. "Here, let me," Jensen offers, holding out his hand, biting his cheek to avoid grinning.

"No." Jared all but tosses the misshapen bag down, and leans over to a drawer to get a knife. "I am going to open it myself," Jared states, and glares at the bag, wielding the knife like he's planning to stab it open.

Jensen thinks that just might be his plan. "Oh, hell," Jensen says, and walks out of the kitchen before he has to see any of it. If he sees it, he'll have to help clean it up. He has to walk back in to get his coffee, but he's pretending he has blinders on and is back out immediately. He sighs with relief when he hears a honk out front not a moment later.


"You really think so?" Jared asks, and Jensen nods. Jensen watches Jared grin incredulously while shaking his head. "Man, you're joking. A jaguar would rip it apart."

"A cheetah would win," Jensen insists. "It's faster. Way faster. Sure, it's kind of scrawnier, but it can still do anything a jaguar can do," Jensen says, and sure, he's kind of pulling what he's saying out of his ass. Jared probably had the debate all ready even before he asked, "What do you think would win in a fight, jaguars or cheetahs?"

"Like you said, cheetahs are scrawnier! Even if they are faster, one hit from a jaguar and the cheetah would be down." Jared nods, like this is a foregone conclusion. Jensen wonders why it matters so much, but he's going to defend the cheetahs' honor. He's sure this is important somehow. He's just not sure yet, because it's too early for anything but sex and coffee.

"They could dodge anything a jaguar could throw at them, because they're cheetahs. And they could get twice, or three times as many hits on a jaguar, because they're faster!" Jensen takes a drink of coffee, and continues, "I don't see how a jaguar could win. They're too similar, except that cheetahs are faster and therefore better."

"Jaguars are buff, man! They could take anything a cheetah could throw at them and just...deflect it. A cheetah could jump on a jaguar and it would bounce off! The jaguar wouldn't even feel a thing," Jared says, and then he smirks. He stretches out as far as he can in the back seat, and Jensen ignores the way the seatbelt makes Jared's shirt ride up.

Jensen recognizes that smirk, and how it widens when Jared notices Jensen eying him. "What are we really talking about, and why is this conversation happening this early in the morning?" Jensen asks, and watches Jared's smirk change into something a little shiftier. "Jared? A jaguar and a cheetah, battling?"

"I'm just curious, is all," Jared says, shrugging. He can't lie to Jensen, it never works. When Jensen raises his eyebrows, Jared insists, "I am!"

"You wanted to argue," Jensen says slowly, talking out the idea that's forming.

"Debate!" Jared interrupts him quickly. "I wanted to debate. A scholarly debate," Jared insists.

"You wanted to argue about who was stronger, a cheetah or a jaguar," Jensen states. He looks at Jared, and then looks straight ahead, out the front windshield. He drains his coffee and grimaces at its cooler temperature. When he leans forward to set the coffee next to Jared's in the center cup holders, he pauses. "I...seriously?" Jensen asks, looking up from Jared's cup of coffee, and watches Jared wince. "Dude." Jensen's tone implies the 'what the fuck' and the 'not cool' pretty easily.

"What?" Jared's innocent eyes are really Sam Winchester's, and that's proof enough for Jensen.

"A jaguar? You decide you're a jaguar? Why the hell am I regulated to a cheetah?" Jensen asks, because this is something that would only make sense in Jared's mind. It's a very abstract place. Jensen punches Jared on the arm, hard, because his dignity demands it.

"Ow! Well, you're fast?" Jared hedges, and shifts to sit up straighter, rubbing his arm. "I totally didn't see that punch coming, man." Jensen snorts.

"Fast. No, I'm easy. There's a subtle difference. Okay, you know what? You..." Jensen stops, and then he shakes his head. "Fuck cheetahs, and your damn jaguar. I'm a puma," he says, nodding. He tries to look Jared in the eye, but Jared's looking out the window on his side, avoiding him. "As a puma, I'd kick your ass."

"Dude, I'd be a jaguar!" Jared says, like that's a big deal. Jared turns to face him a little indignantly, and Jensen supposes that if he knew more about large cats, it might be. His experience is in large dogs and Jared. And horses, he supposes, but it's been a while.

"So what you're saying is that you'd beat me," Jensen says, and watches Jared nod. "How about now? Right now." Jensen wonders what Jared will say, because if this insecurity is stemming from Jared's inability to open plastic food packages, well. Jensen stares longingly at his empty coffee, wishing there were more, and that it was Irish. He looks over to see Jared staring at him, shocked and unhappy.

"Hypothetically speaking, man. Not for real," Jensen says, frowning. He'd roll his eyes, but Jared looks pathetic enough already, and he kind of loves the guy too much to kick him while he's down.

"Uh..." Jared says. "We'll always be on the same team, so it doesn't really matter. I've never actually thought about how it'd go if we actually fought," Jared says, and he's frowning, too. The thought of them fighting, actually getting into a knock-down, drag-out fight probably bothers him more than it does Jensen, and it bothers Jensen a hell of a lot.

"So you just thought of us fighting as cats," Jensen says, disbelieving.

"Well, yeah. I was watching Animal Planet last night and these two lions got into a turf war or something, it was nasty," Jared says, and he says nasty like it's an awesome and amazing accomplishment, complete with the alliteration, because that makes it better. "But they were female lions," Jared adds, sounding thoughtful, and kicks out one of his long legs and hits Jensen's foot.

Jensen nudges back, and leans closer to him to quietly ask, "Was this before or after you fucked me over the back of the couch?" It could have been during, too, but Jared was busy at the time and he's not good at having a conversation while he's having sex, so Jensen's willing to bet that it wasn't during.

"Before," Jared says, and he has a little grin on his face. Jensen's mission is accomplished. Jared shifts a little closer to him.

"Besides, you're more of a Great Dane," Jensen says. "What does that make me?" Jensen asks, and he half expects to be arguing about Chihuahuas or Pomeranians for the rest of the trip. He decides preemptively that he's a German Shepherd or a Doberman or a Lassie dog.

Jared doesn't answer. He sits forward, looking out of the windshield. "I think that's a car accident? Only...hey, whoa. That looks like someone on the ground there," he said, and reached into his jacket for his phone. "Hey, hey, can we stop?"

Jensen leans forward, too, and sees that there is a guy on the side of the road. Two cars, and it doesn't look like a collision; it looks like one car stalled, and another stopped to help. But there's a woman, covered in blood, leaning over the man on the ground. Jared's on the phone with the police, leaning forward to speak with the driver about their exact location, and the car's slowing down to a stop.

Jensen's got a terrible feeling about this. "Don't get out of the car. Just, please, call the cops but don't get out of the car," Jensen says, but Jared's still on the phone, so he grabs Jared's free hand. "Jared, hey. Don't get out of the car, there's something not right." Jensen hopes he's wrong, but he feels Jared grip his hand, clutching back even tighter.

"Yeah, okay. No, we haven't gotten out of the car, we won't. We'll...yes sir. Thanks," Jared adds, before he hangs up. "Um, yeah, don't stop. They, the authorities, are on their way," Jared says, and turns to look at Jensen. "They're going to quarantine this area," Jared whispers, and then clears his throat. He grips Jensen's hand even tighter. They're driving again, a bit faster than normal, and Jared keeps talking. The sound of his voice comforts Jensen, if he doesn't concentrate on what he's saying. "That thing, that's been going around in the south, they're pretty sure it's making its way up here."


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